5 Best Driver Updating tools for Windows
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Below are the best handy tools that user can use to update the drivers of your windows operating system.

1. Driver Booster
Driver Booster is one of the best free drive update tool that is compatible with all versions of Windows and is a satisfactory feature for both paid and free users. It has support for 200,000 drivers . When new updates are available, you can start download it from inside the Driver Booster program . You don’t need to grab it from Internet browser. If you are sure that all the drivers both old and rare ,are updated automatically, then pro version is handy.
It keeps backup of old drivers to ensure that if something happens wrong with your window, your system don’t break. If any while scanning is found, it fixes faulty and missing drivers. All the downloaded drivers are WHQL-passed so don’t  panic about the source . It keeps checking on tab and components for gaming to ensure that you have the best gaming experience

2. Slim Drivers
Slim Driver is one of the free program that can update outdated drivers , backup currently installed drivers and uninstall drivers. It uses a cloud based scan system. With the free version, you can scan and download unit updates easily with a click of a button. It has pro version to download updates in set and completes the whole process including the backup too.
It has an option to create schedule which keeps record of your current position on what drivers need to be updated. When it finds, you can easily fetch the release date of the recently installed driver next to the date of update. This shows that update is real.
If you prefer to use another drive updater and it missed with something wrong then slim Driver may be a value to try

3.  Driver Talent
Driver Talent is another one driver update tool . This will scan and download the drivers for free but you have to install them by browsing the files. The size and release date as well as version number is specified in front of you that ensures you what you are downloading it after you get.
Driver Talent also gives you an alternative version which includes all network drivers and works offline which you need to install driver but it doesn’t have proper network driver installed

4.  Driver Identifier
This is one of the freeware driver update tool with a unique feature that it beats all the above mentioned tools. If your window is fully cleaned then you have a chance that you might not have the network drivers to connect to a network. It scans the required drivers and provides you a HTML file with all downloaded links. You can transfer it to any other Pc that is having an internet connection and can download it for the required drivers.

5.  Free Driver Scout
This is another best tool that you will surely love to try in your windows PC. Using this tool you can automatically update all the drivers in your Windows PC. Just start the process and sit back to do the automatic updation.
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