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[Alert] Reliance Jio's Hidden T&C (They are making us fool)
PART I [For Average Data users-for them 1GB Data is sufficient]

1. Minimum Monthly Base Pack Start from 149rs.

In 149rs = Unlimited Calls, SMS & only 308mb [0.3GB] 4G Data.

NOTE :- 0.3GB Data is Not sufficient for average user]

2. So Jio Provide add On Data Pack starting from 151rs.

In 151rs add on Pack = 1GB 4G Data 1GB Jio Wifi Hotspot Data.

So if minimum monthly Pack for Avg User is 149rs 151rs = 300rs.
In 300rs u get = unlimited Call,SMS & 1.3GB 4G Data 1GB Jio WIFI Data

IF U Spend ~ 300rs/month on recharges. Jio is Good choice.

PART II [For Heavy Data User]

If u spend more then 400rs/month on recharge & Data pack. Jio is best 4 them.

After 149rs there is 499rs monthly base pack

In 499 pack = Unlimited Call, Sms & 4GB 4G Data 8GB Jio Wifi Data Unlimited Night 4G Data [between 2-5 A.M means for 3hr only]

Q -1. What about 50rs/GB or 25rs/GB Plan?

Ans. There is no such plan. Its Marketing gimmick.

* In 149rs Basic Pack u Get total 0.3GB DATA means apprx 450rs/GB
* In 499rs Basic Pack u Get total 12GB DATA means apprx 46rs/GB
* In 4999rs Basic Pack u Get total 255GB DATA means apprx 23rs/GB
* so If u buy Higher pack u get cheaper Data.

Q-2 Is Jio provided Unlimited 4G Data in Night?

Ans. - Yes but with T&C:-

1. For Jio Night is short, only 3hr long. u can use unlimited data b/w 2am to 5am.

2. Its not clear unlimited Night 4G Data Applicable for all Apps or only Exclusive for Jio suite of apps.

Advice:- Please Read the terms and conditions before Falling into trap of marketing gimmick, that promises services for ‘free.’

Remember, there are always a few strings attached, and when you know about the fine print, it can avoid further disappointment.

Click Here For Jio's Plan So you can understand their plan that how can they loot us.

Gud post ty

Wlcm pajji


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