Candy Crush Saga: How To Unlock New Levels Without Paying Annoy Your Friends
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I Tell you the secret to play without stopping and without erasing your friends you run Facebook.

How many times have you had're excited playing Candy Crush Saga on your smartphone ( iOS or Android ) and you had to stop because the message will appear Unlock more levels ? A few, sure. And you've had to spend precious gold bullion or, worse, send annoying messages to your Facebook friends to help you unlock the next world.

Fortunately, there is a trick to unlock the next level of your game without paying money or ask your friends. It's as easy as doing the Quests or Challenges. Keep reading to tell you how.
1. Go To The Facebook App And Access To The Settings Section

Open the Facebook app on your phone and go to the option configuration , which is the icon furthest to the right, that of the three horizontal lines.

Go down the menu until you find the option Account Settings and select it.

2. Go To The Configuration Of Candy Crush Saga

Within this menu select the option Applications . Then select the Session Initiated with Facebook.

3. Candy Crush Saga Unbinds Your Facebook

Among the list of installed apps, search and select Candy Crush Saga .

Once inside your tab, scroll to the bottom of everything and select Delete the application and press the button lugo Clear . Relax, this does not delete the game from your phone or your progress in it , simply prevents that is associated with your Facebook account.

4. Play The "Quests" To Unlock Free Levels

Now that you have disconnected your Candy Crush Saga Facebook not need to spend money or ask your friends to help you debsloquear levels.

Simply log into your third option that you now appear to Play Challenges . Completing these challenges will unlock the next levels.

Links and unlink your account whenever you need

If you fancy relink anytime your Facebook account to play (for example, to play a PC) you can do it from the app itself at any time. You can then reapply the trick that I've told you to unlock new levels and keep playing.
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