Don app Recharge Loot - 10 per refer +15 joining bonus(unlimited added)
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Don app Recharge Loot - 10 per refer +15 joining bonus(unlimited added)

Don App is an now Trusted and Popular App.. Previously It Gives Only Free Recharge Now Its Gives Paytm Cash.. Due to Promotion of Don App.. 

[Image: 5a4cl.jpg]
Don App is Giving 15rs on Signup and 10rs Per Referral You Can Redeem This Money As a Paytm Cash Instantly..

Let's Know How to Earn 15rs on Signup And 10rs Per Refer From Don App :- 

Just Follow The Steps :- 

1. First of all Download Don App From here

2. Install App And Open App..

3. Now Click on Login Button ..

4. Now Enter your Mobile Number and Email Id..

5. In Referral Code Enter This :- 6C255E53

( Note :- To Get Joining Bonus 15rs You Have to Enter This Referral Code.. )

6. Now Verify Your Mobile Number By Otp Method..

7. Now Enter Your Details Like DOB and Username Etc..

8. Now Download An App From Dashboard of Don App and Run 5 Minutes..

9. Hurray !! Now you Get 15rs Signup Bonus..

10. You Can Also Get Daily 2rs in your Wallet Its Means Without Doing anything You Can Earn 60rs Easily in a Month..

Refer N Earn Program :- 

1. First of All Goto Menu ..

2. Now Click on Invite Friends & Earn 10rs..

[Image: 3xb3o.jpg]

3. Now Share Your Referral Code to Your Friends And Tell Them Enter Your Referral Code as On Signup Time..

4. After inviting you Get 10rs in your Don app Wallet When your Friend Download Don App and Enter Your Referral Code and Try in One app on Don App..

5. You Can Earn Unlimited Through Referring Friends..

Redemption Method :- 

1. First of all Note That Minimum Payout is 30rs ...

2. After Getting 30rs in Your Wallet..

3. Now Goto My Wallet..

4. Click on Transfer to Paytm ..

5. Now Enter Your Mobile and Amount And Finally Click on Transfer..

[Image: 2m5bdav.jpg]

For Transferring in Paytm Charge May Apply as a Fees:- 

Unlimited Trick For Non Rooted Users :- 

1. First of All Download Parallel Space App From Here..

2. Now Open App And ADD Don App on Parallel App..

3. Now Open Don App From Parallel App..

4. Now Signup Through Your Referral Code..

5. Now Enter all Your Details..

6. Now Download any One App and Run It Within 5 Minutes..

7. Hurray You Get 10rs In your Main Account..

keep visiting for more updates

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