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Floma - Earn Unlimited on Paytm (Unlimited Trick Added)
Hello TricksDuniya viewers!

Today i am having a brand new website which is called FLOMA. Floma is offering ₹5 on signing up as well as also offering refer and earn program in which you will get ₹10 if your friend signed up using your referral link. You can transfer your eaning amount on your Paytm account.

The most interesting point is that you don't have to install any kind of App on your phone. This is a website based system. Also, you can earn using your referral link without actually refering your friends.

The Trick to earn unlimited using the floma website is given below. So, keep reading the article and know more or i should say earn more. LOL!

This trick is 100% genuine and verified by me.

[Image: 20180225_104421.jpg]

How To Sign Up and Earn ₹5 on Floma

1. First of all, open this link.

2. Fill the registration form correctly.

[Image: 20180225_103532.jpg]

3. Now, My Information page will open.

[Image: 20180225_102941.jpg]

4. From there verify your phone number.

[Image: 20180225_103150.jpg]

Note: Make sure you enter paytm registered phone number otherwise you will not get your money.

5. After verifying phone number, click on My Information then click on My Referrals.

6. Then you will see your Referral Credit is ₹5.

[Image: 20180225_103238.jpg]

Note: I have registered my own number so i got ₹10+₹5 in Referral Credit and 1 Successful Referrals, as you can see in image.

7. Now, from My Referrals page you can copy your referral link or withdraw your money or invite your friends on floma.

[Image: 20180225_103428.jpg]

How To Earn Unlimited on Floma

So, the unlimited trick is here. Just follow above steps before using below steps. After successful registration follow below steps.

1. Firstly, follow above steps and must register yourself on floma.

2. Now, copy your refer link from My Referrals page.

3. Open Google Chrome in incognito mode.

4. Now, follow above steps and register a new number.

5. After successful registration check your main account balance whose link you have copied.

6. Woohoo! ₹10 has been added to your account.

7. Follow the same procedure again and again to earn unlimited.

Note: Make sure you enter different email and different phone number. Enter any email from your mind because you don't have to verify your email. But, phone number should be verified to get ₹10.


So, guys this was the unlimited trick to earn on floma without installing any android app as well as without actually referring your friends. Hope this article will help you to earn unlimted. Share this with your friends and let them earn unlimited also. Keep visiting TricksDuniya for more stuffs. Peace!

image /

Avishkar Singh


Avishkar Singh is a Moderator of TricksDuniya. He writes article on How To's, Blogging, Earning Tricks, Android Tricks and many more categories. He knows some programming languages like C, C++, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Java.

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