[HOW TO] Prevent Windows From Going To Sleep When Chrome Is Downloading Files
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Web browsers are the default apps used to download files. Not all large files can be downloaded via a torrent client or a download manager and users are forced to rely on the very basic download manager that comes bundled with a web browser. Chrome’s own download manager is pretty basic with absolutely no extraordinary features to speak of.

If you’re using Chrome to download a significantly large file which will require hours to complete you might want to keep your system from going to sleep so long as the download is in progress. Once the download does finish however, the system should be allowed to sleep but Chrome has no simple way to set this all up. To keep your OS from going to sleep while a download is in progress, you need two different extensions to do the trick; Download Shutdown and Sleepless in System

Install both extensions and turn them on; click the respective extension icons, before you start a download. Sleepless in System will prevent your system from going to sleep as long as Chrome is running. This ensures that you don’t lose your network connection and end up interrupting the download. Start the download and allow it to finish at its own pace.

Of course you don’t want your system to remain awake once the download finishes and that’s where the Download Shutdown extension comes in. When the file finishes downloading, it will automatically exit Chrome thus nullifying what Sleepless in System was doing and allowing your system to go to sleep.

A lot of download managers and even some of the more popular torrent clients do not have an auto-shut down or sleep feature for when downloads complete so depending on the type and size of file you’re downloading, these two extensions might make Chrome a better download manager.

Link: Sleepless in System
Link: Shutdown
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