How To Do Video Call On WhatsApp
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First Of All Know About Booyah:-

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To video call and visit with your companions simply introduce the application and open it and from here you can make moment live gatherings with your companions and gatherings with the tap of a catch. Tap on “Add Friends to This Chat” catch and select from where you need to welcome
companions. We as of now bolster WhatsApp, your default messages application, Facebook Messenger,Twitter,Kik and Line. In any case, we’ll be including additionally informing applications soon.

With Booyah (not booya or boya), you can videochat with up-to 12 individuals in the meantime and the screen will change and fit itself as needs be founded on the quantity of individuals right now in the visit. You can likewise do 1 on 1 voice calls by shutting your gadget while you talk. It’s without fun, simple, secure and absolutely rad.

How To Do Video Call On Whatsapp:-

1.Click here to download the app.

2.Now install and open the app.

3.The receiver must have also installed booyah.

4.Add the person whom you want to call.

5.It will send a special URL.

6.When your friend open the URL both of you will be able to do video chat.
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