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How To Use Face Lock Feature in Any Android
Hello TricksDuniya viewers!

Today i am presenting a step by step guide to use face lock feature in any android with the help of a cool Android app which is available on Google Play Store for FREE. Yes, you heard right. Now you can easily add face lock feature in your android phone. Exited? So, keep reading this article till the end to know more about it.

[Image: Use_Face_Lock_Feature_in_Any_Android.jpg]

Well, this trick is very simple you just have to install a third party android app in your phone without paying a single penny to google play store. This Android app is free of cost. This app will activate face lock feature in your existing android phone. Also, this android app is having very cool and amazing features. So, grant every permission which it requires to you and let it does the rest work for you.

Full Guide to Use Face Lock Feature in Any Android

1. First of all, download and install this cool android app which is IObit Applock: Face Lock & Fingerprint Lock 2018

[Image: Use_Face_Lock_Feature_in_Any_Android_1.jpg]

2. After installing, create a new password or new pattern in the app.

[Image: Use_Face_Lock_Feature_in_Any_Android_2.jpg]

3. Then, click on the "Screen Lock" option and click on "Enable" button.

[Image: Use_Face_Lock_Feature_in_Any_Android_3.jpg]

4. A new window will pop-up. Click on "Start" button.

[Image: Use_Face_Lock_Feature_in_Any_Android_4.jpg]

5. After installing AI and instruction page will be opened. Click "Enable Now" button.

[Image: Use_Face_Lock_Feature_in_Any_Android_5.jpg]

6. Now, configure your face in the app.

7. Lastly, a face lock page will be opened. Click on the both the option in right side as shown in image.

[Image: Use_Face_Lock_Feature_in_Any_Android_6.jpg]

8. You are done! Now, the face lock feature has been added in your phone. Enjoy!


So, guys above i have shared the full guide to add or use face lock feature in any android phone. Hope you loved this article. Make sure you share this article with your friends too. Keep visiting at TricksDuniya for more stuffs. Peace!

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Avishkar Singh


Avishkar Singh is a Moderator of TricksDuniya. He writes article on How To's, Blogging, Earning Tricks, Android Tricks and many more categories. He knows some programming languages like C, C++, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Java.

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