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How to Create Fake Blue Screen of Death In Windows PC
The method is quite simple and straight, yes really as here you will not need any of the third party tool in your Windows PC as the method that we are going to discuss is just a cool notepad prank that will help you to get the fake blue screen of death. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

[Image: 3447.jpg]

## How to Create Fake Blue Screen of Death In Windows PC??

1. First of all Download this File TricksDuniyaFakeBlueScreen.bat

2. Now save the file in desktop of your computer.

3. Now open the file and you will now see the bsod file when you open it you will get a dead blue screen there.

So, With this method you can easily create a fake blue screen of death to play prank with your friends.

image /

Avishkar Singh


Avishkar Singh is a Moderator of TricksDuniya. He writes article on How To's, Blogging, Earning Tricks, Android Tricks and many more categories. He knows some programming languages like C, C++, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Java.

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