Importing Contacts to Nokia Lumia online and offline
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Importing Contacts to Nokia Lumia online and offline

If you have recently brought the New Lumia Windows phone from the market and want to import the previous files stored in the .csv or v cards just follow the few steps to restore them to your Lumia.

If it in your old Nokia phone- Then you can easily transfer them by the Contact Transfer app by Nokia.

For .csv files in PC (Online method)- For this you must have a Microsoft account
 Step 1 : Login to your Microsoft account 

[Image: 1.png]

 Step 2 : Change the mode to People by selecting at top

[Image: 2.png]

  Step 3: Now click on Import file

[Image: 3.png]

      Step 4: Now import the .csv file to it

[Image: 4.png]
                                     Step 5: Synchronize the phone with your live account

For .csv files in PC (Offline method) : -If you want to do it in offline mode just

1) Download .csv to .vcard converter and convert your .csv contacs to vcards
2) Now open the Nokia suite and copy all the vcards to your old phone
3) Use the Contact Transfer app to send contacts file to Lumia Phone via Bluetooth.

and that's done and similarly vcards can be easily downloaded to old phone & can be copied through the Contact transfer app.
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