Latest Beta Update Revealed WhatsApp Video Calling Feature
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The latest beta update for the WhatsApp shows the option to choose between the audio call and video call once tapping on the call option. However, the user cannot place any video calls to anyone, including the video call to other beta users. But, if any beta user will select the option for the video call then a message will be displayed stating that “Couldn’t place a call. Video calling is unavailable at the time”.

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But, presumably in future updates, we might see the option in the ‘phone calls menu’ just as we get the WhatsApp voice call option. As the changelog clearly mentions that “You can get the option to make video calls, that’s not activated yet but soon would be available for everyone to make video calls”.

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Hence, the beta testers can try and download the latest beta version of WhatsApp for the Android just by clicking here. User has to sign in through their Google or Gmail account and have to follow the instructions given on the website to become a beta tester for the Android and further, hence, the user will be able to download the latest Beta version 2.16.80. directly from the Google Play Store. In case if you want to download the APK file then just Click Here to download the APK file.

As there is no visual changes seen yet. The overall user interface will remain the same. But, it is worth mentioning here that the beta testers can download this version from the Google Play store as the social media giant Facebook-owned. WhatsApp has so far not rolled out the beta-testing feature to iOS users.

As we mentioned earlier that the latest beta update for WhatsApp has revealed the video calling feature which is not functional yet. Hence, you cannot place any video call from the Beta version, but, we are damn sure that this teaser image of the video calling feature would surely excite you. But, we can still hold the positive hopes as the latest beta update for the social media giant Facebook-owned. WhatsApp has shown the option to make video calls.
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