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Top 3 Android Apps to Make Yourself Anonymous
Hey TricksDuniya Viewers! Today I'm presenting here the "Top 3 Android Apps to Make Yourself Anonymous". In this article i'm going to explain those 3 android apps quality, description, and the most known thing that is their benefits. So, without wasting time let's checck it out.

[Image: top_3_apps.png]

Top 3 Anonymous Android App For FREE

Guys, these android apps are available for free. Also, these apps have their websites. So, if you do not want to install android app then you can easily use their websites without paying a single penny. But, let i also tell you that the size of these android apps are really very very less.

Top 3 Android Apps that will Make You Anonymous (FREE)

We will discuss one by one among the three of them. Remember, many websites and android apps are available instead of these apps and websites. You can use them if you want, and if you want to use these then your most welcome because it's FREE.

1- Temp Mail - Temperory Email

Temp Mail is a FREE website where you can get a free and temperory email everytime you visit their website. You ca use that email for registring anywhere in the internet including Paytm, FreeCharge, etc types websites. Android App is available on Google Play Store but that one is not ads free as well as you can not change username of your email in that app. So, i am providing you the PRO Version for FREE.

[Image: EdHfKSpJaabWNH5DDWWkHQUewZhSaD159rm7d69j...9M=h900-rw]

Android App (Pro) for FREE | Website

2- Receive SMS Online

Receive SMS Online is also a FREE website to get OTP or SMS on any country's number like USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, etc. Infact, you will also get Indian Mobile Number also so that you can use them to register on social media's like Hike, WhatsApp or etc. Also, you can use them to gain Free Rechages without actually registering youw own mobile number.

[Image: PnSGS250Fno3Jeyf2SG_IgXgJ5YuxW7f7a7YkiKA...d4=h900-rw]

Android App | Website

3- Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator is one of the best FREE website to generate Fake Names. This website has many countries names like American, Indonesian, Japanies, Canadian, and lot of more. If somewhere you need to put your details then you can use this website by puting a fake details. This website also has Address, Phone Number, Email, etc types details also and that is why this is a great website to become full anonymous.

[Image: fake_name_generator.png]

Android App(Not Available Yet!) | Website

Why I mentioned these Three Apps and Websites only?

In internet, if you will find websites and apps similar working to these three then obviously you will get thousands of result. But, some of them are working not every website and app is real. They just try to get your data from your phone. So, that's why I researched on them after that I have provided these websites and apps to you.

Last Words:

You can use these websites or apps for free. I hope you will find these apps and websites good as well as great to use.
Thak you for reading the whole article. Share this with your friends so that they will also get to know these new things. Keep visting "TricksDuniya.CoM".

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Avishkar Singh


Avishkar Singh is a Moderator of TricksDuniya. He writes article on How To's, Blogging, Earning Tricks, Android Tricks and many more categories. He knows some programming languages like C, C++, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Java.

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