Remix OS for PC (Developer version) ISO
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Remix OS is our state of the art Android-based operating system. We mean it when we say you get a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC. The innovative features we’ve brought to Remix OS 2.0 have been meticulously engineered to bring you the best of both worlds – the harmonious fusion of a mobile and desktop experience. This is an alpha version intended for developers and early adopters who don’t mind a bug or two. Android was designed for touchscreens and as there isn’t a touchscreen on most PCs, we want you to be aware that apps may perform differently.

Minimum system requirements
*.A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a recommended writing speed of 20MB/s.

*.A PC with USB legacy boot option.

Instructions to launch Remix OS for PC
*.Download Remix OS for PC package and then unzip the file.
*.Insert flash drive to your PC.
*.Open Remix OS USB Tool and follow the instructions to burn the flash drive.
*.Reboot your PC.
*.Press F12 (PC)/ Option (Mac) while booting and enter Boot Menu.
*.Select "USB Storage Device" as boot option under Legacy Mode.
*.Select either "Guest Mode" or "Resident Mode" to start Remix

Version: 2.0.110
Release Date: February 2nd 2016
Size: 690 MB

Link: RemixOS 20110
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