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(script)Youtube Video downloader full modded ads free openly shared
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(script)Youtube Video downloader full modded ads free openly shared

first of all please share that post with your friends if you like

so now move on post

youtube downloader script 

Demo - link 1 -
link 2 -

this script is a open source script modded by

that script use for download any video from youtube direct also in full HD 720P or 1080P

you all can earn money by adding adquity or ucunion ads on that

first of all download script from

link 1 -  [Image: u115453996 by]

link 2 - click here

now go to hosting site we suggest

now make a free account 

after free account go to cpanel and click on import website

[Image: 4uz7ue.jpg]

then upload downloaded script which you download from above link

[Image: 29l23wo.jpg]

now enjoy 

if anyone not understand trick or script how to upload or any query

comment here

keep visiting
After uploading..what should i do
(09-26-2016, 09:18 AM ) Mack Doun 32
open file manager and edit files simple
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