remove rar file password in 2 minute(full tutorial)
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remove rar file password in 2 minute(full tutorial)
How to remove WinRAR/RAR Archives Password for download unknown files

I recommend a tool to fix your problem.

Tips: This guide is to introduce you the easiest way to use RAR Password Recovery 5.0. Detailed information is available on the “Help” file integrated in the program, please refer to it if any inquiries.

Step 1: Click “Open” button in the Menu or the “Open” button to browse the full path of the WinRAR/RAR.

Select your WinRAR/RAR file in the Open File window, and click “Open”.

Step 2: On the “Recovery” tab, select “Brute-force Attack (Trying All Possible Combinations)”.

Step 3: Click “Start” button in the Menu to initiate the program.

Step 4: The program is processing for the password. Some time later, a message box pops up to you, displaying the expected password. Click “OK”.

steps -

Step 1. Import locked RAR file.

Download SmartKey RAR Password Recovery and install it in any available Windows PC. Start the program. In the main interface, click "Open" button to import locked WinRAR or RAR file.

[Image: recover1.jpg]

Select your WinRAR/RAR file in the Open File window, and click "Open".

[Image: recover2.jpg]

Step 2. Choose an attack type and define each attack setting

On the "Recovery" tab, select an attack to recover the lost or forgotten RAR password and define each attack setting. (Note: There are 3 attacks for you, seen as below.)

[Image: recover3.jpg]

After attack type selected, you then need to set up attack settings accordingly. For each attack, the settings or sets are different, seen as below:

Option 1: If you choose Brute-force Attack, the program will try all possible combinations by default, so no need to define any setting

Option 2: If you choose Brute-force with Mask Attack, you then need to click "Brute-force" on the taskbar. Please specify the settings by yourself according to the possible clues about the password you could recall of, it will shorten your time with password length, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, prefix and suffix. 

[Image: recover4.jpg]

For Example, if you know that your lost RAR password contains 1-6 characters which is composed of lowercase and numbers, then you can set the options like this:

1. Set Min Length = "1" and Max Length ="6".

2. Check the a-z box, 0-9 box.

[Image: recover5.jpg]

Option 3: If you have saved some password clues before. You can choose Dictionary Attack, It will try all passwords you can image one by one and find the right one. 

[Image: recover6.jpg]

[Image: recover7.jpg]

Step 3. Start recovery

Click "Start" button in the Menu to initiate the program. The program will start to crack the password. The whole crack process will take a few minutes. When you successfully find the password, a message box will pop up to you with the expected password displayed there. Click "Copy" or paste (CTRL+v) it, then use the password to open the locked the RAR or WinRAR archives.

[Image: recover8.jpg]

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