Windows Phone Power Tools Now supports Wp8.1 – Pc tool to transfer Xap files
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Windows Phone Power Tools Now supports Wp8.1 – Pc tool to transfer Xap files
Newly updated version of the tools that supports Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8 SDK. This version should work with both WP 7.5 devices / emulators and the WP8 devices and emulators.
Please note! The profiler feature is in Beta and is missing some basic fit, finish and polish, please report bugs and feature requests on our issue tracker (http://wptools.codeplex.com/workitem/list/basic).
Support Windows 8.1 + VS 2013 without VS 2012 installed

Removed all references to System.Web

Cut down download size from 3.2MB to 0.4MB

Removed dependency on Web.Mvc

Fixed escaping of etl paths when opening them in wpa

Removed debug code that was causing a crash when configuring the profiler for the first time

Slight tweak to the standard trace session to collect CPU usage

Added prompt to restart the Power Tools after profiler installation (CoreCon needs to be refreshed)

Fixed profiler analytics

After quite a bit of work the profiler is finally here! It’s a full(ish) ETW profiler that gives you near complete control over your profiling sessions. It’s still in Beta, here are some caveats / coming features which should all be fixed in future versions:

ETLs are saved to My Documents

ETLs are always, automatically, opened in WPA

There is no way to add custom providers

There is no way of saving a custom scenario to use again

You can stop an in-progress profiler, but you can’t cancel one

There isn’t much documentation – but I’m working on it. Volunteers?

Bug 35: Fixed incorrect url for reporting issues – thanks OmegaMan!

Some small amounts of code cleanup and performance fixes

BUG 28: The fix to bug 27 caused an internal exception when trying to get file data for WP7 which broke the IsolatedStorage explorer for WP7. This is now fixed, though WP7 is stuck with limited file information (while WP8 has the full set).

BUG 27: Fixed issue where some file properties were not being displayed in the Remote Isolated Storage explorer

BUG 26: Cap number of remembered xaps at a reasonable cap (100). There is also infrastructure to make this configurable in the future.

Some slight tweaks to the elevate button to make it more visible

Since we haven’t heard about any blocking issues this version is also being marked as release. yay!
v 2.03 Beta
Removed dependency on Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure that was blocking some installs (bug #25)

UI tweaks

All previous xaps are remembered and displayed in a ListBox for your future selection

Analytics are now disabled for debug builds or when running under debugger

v 2.02 Beta
Added analytics to figure out what areas are most used and need more attention

1st round of feedback from David Rickard (thanks!)

File selection textbox now stretches with the window

Tweaked unhandled exception message

Window size and position are now restored on launch

v 2.0.1 Beta
Removed manifest signing to clear up future upgrade paths

Fixed Bug #23 which blocked the tool running on ZH-CN

Rewrote IsolatedStorage Drag and Drop to make it a lot more robust

v 2.0 Beta
Support for both WP7.5 and WP8 (device + emulator)

New UI (still rough around the edges)

Planned items
Actions on a background thread

More UI refinement

More detailed error messages to match new error codes


Download :
v2.5 Direct download link : WPPT Download

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